Comprehensive Igbo Language

Comprehensive Igbo Language
Author: Elisha O. Ogbonna
Publisher: Prinoelio Press
ISBN: 1777277108
Date: 2020
Pages: 200
Format: PDF, MOBI
Size: 1MB
Language: English/Igbo

Comprehensive Igbo Language provides thorough and effective ways to learn and master the skills you need for Igbo communication, reading and writing. Unlike every other Igbo language book, it contains guide to pronunciation and detailed explanation on pitch accent marking and syllable formation. Syllables are often considered the phonological “building blocks” of words. This book helps you in-depth guide on unit of pronunciation and the formation of the whole or a part of a word.It has a solid grounding in grammar basics and progressive approach to learn Igbo in the manner, people naturally acquire language. You will be introduced to the most essential structures that will help you communicate in Igbo language almost immediately, from alphabet letter to word formation, and sentence construction apply the affixes usage order. It is laid out in a simple step-wise order and advances toward words vocabulary and communication revealing how Igbo language is spoken and written. It uncovers the most common concepts that govern verbs and sentences used in everyday communication.Comprehensive Igbo Language presents a unique and easy structure to master essential, grammar, verbs and vocabulary. It contains words and names used for family, friends, people, plants, animals, foods, time, colours, days, nature, occupation and so on. It also has exercises to help you test what you’ve learned and measure your progress.About the Author:Elisha O. Ogbonna hails from Enugu in Igbo land, and Igbo language is his first language. Elisha stated reading Igbo book and Bible at the age of nine to help his late parents who lacked the skill to read and write Igbo language. He started teaching and translating English words and sentences to Igbo language by the time he entered into high school (secondary school). His performance was excellent in West Africa examination during high school. He had done translation and interpretation, both in traditional and religious settings. He once taught Igbo language in adult class, when he was a teacher. He is happy to help anyone who is interested in learning Igbo language and have set up a platform for such project. His next upcoming book will be for advance learners.