How to Write in Arabic

How to Write in Arabic
Author: Lahlali El Mustapha
Publisher: Edinburgh University Press
Date: 2021, 2nd ed.
Pages: 225
Format: PDF
Size: 5.21MB
Language: English/Arabic

How to Write in Arabic teaches intermediate and advanced learners how to use the Arabic linguistic features that are key to achieving written fluency. Each unit contains carefully selected exercises where students practise their vocabulary and grammar in a wide range of registers and contexts – such as writing a CV, a short story, a love letter, an essay and many more. In addition to brand-new drills and vocabularies, this second edition also features three new units. The unit on Arabic expressions and vocabulary provides learners with a variety of phrases in context. The unit on media writing focuses on themes such as diplomacy, elections, the economy, the environment and revolutions, amongst others. And the unit on writing errors helps learners spot and correct common mistakes, especially in punctuation and tense.