Latvian in 25 Lessons

Latvian in 25 Lessons
Author: Svarinska A.
Publisher: Zvaigzne ABC
Date: 2003
Pages: 111
Format: PDF
Size: 37.8MB
Language: English/Latvian

There are approximately 6. 000 languages in the world and the great variety of languages is one aspect of future problems. A new language situation has been created by an intense increase in newcomers. It is a joy that many of them consider Latvian a source of enrichment and want to master it. This is not simply a proof of their competence but also an acknowledgement of respect.
The book was developed working with foreigners in the LU Language Centre. It is intended for group work with a teacher’s guidance but is equally useful for independent study. A communicative approach to the language is dominant – there is no deep research of grammar and language characteristics. This textbook consists of 25 lessons, so structured that the reader, mastering the most essential grammar concepts, can practise them in the related exercises and then use them in daily situations.
Since English is used as the intermediary language for the lessons, translations are given in the book, either in the text or in the vocabulary attached to each lesson. It is recommended to compile one’s own vocabulary collection, constantly complementing the acquired subject with words and phrases needed.
The book has a supplement – a grammar summary, which can serve as a base for further study of Latvian.
In compiling this textbook, the experience of local and foreign textbook writers and language methodology as well as the experience of the author in the LU Language Centre, testing these teaching materials in practice have been used.
Asja Svarinska,
LU Language Centre lecturer