Burmese : An Introduction to the Literary Style

Burmese : An Introduction to the Literary Style
Author: John Okell
Publisher: Northern Illinois University
ISBN: 1-877979-44-9
Date: 1994
Pages: 256
Format: PDF, MP3
Size: 121.5MB
Language: English/Burmese

The aim of this course is to introduce foreign learners to the literary style of Burmese. It is assumed that learners already know a little colloquial Burmese before they start learning to read the literary style. To use this course they need to be able to read Burmese script, and to know common words in simple sentences. They also need to be familiar with numbers as used in prices and dates and counting, the names of some places in Rangoon and elsewhere, and Burmese personal names and kin terms. This level of knowledge of colloquial Burmese is the minimum necessary to follow the examples and do the exercises in the “Sentences” section of Part 1. If you know more, you will be able to work through the course more easily. If you don’t yet know all the words that are used there, you can look them up in the Vocabulary that follows the Sentences. Words and structures introduced later are glossed and explained as they occur.
Structure. The material for reading practice is arranged in three Parts, and consists of “Sentences,” sections that introduce some of the commoner literary forms and provide exercises for practice with them, and “Texts,” which are passages selected from a textbook used for teaching reading in Burmese schools. Each Text is accompanied by a Vocabulary and a Translation, and there are Exercises to help you memorize the new words and structures. At the end of the volume there are Keys to the Exercises, an Index of grammar words, and a conflated Vocabulary which includes all the words listed separately under each Text. The tape which accompanies this volume enables you to hear the Texts being read aloud.