Fun with Cantonese – Colloquial Expressions

Fun with Cantonese – Colloquial Expressions
Author: Yin-ping Cream Lee & Shin Kataoka
Publisher: Greenwood Press
ISBN: 978-962-279-316-3
Date: 2015
Pages: 99
Format: PDF
Size: 16.3MB
Quality: photocopied
Language: English/Cantonese

This book is designed for learners who like learning essential Cantonese colloquials in a fun way. It aims to help learners to brush up their Cantonese and authentic expressions properly.

Features & Benefits

Seventy basic Cantonese colloquial expressions demonstrated with lively dialogues and entertaining pictures.
Informative notes on Cantonese language and culture.
English equivalents provided for learners’ reference.
Chinese characters for learners to practice with Cantonese speakers.