Basic Mandarin Chinese – Reading & Writing

Basic Mandarin Chinese – Reading & Writing
Author: Cornelius C. Kubler,‎ Jerling Guo Kubler
Publisher: Tuttle
ISBN: 0804847274
Date: 2017
Pages: 224
Format: EPUB, MP3
Size: 147.1MB

This comprehensive Chinese character workbook can be used with any textbook or on its own to enhance your Mandarin reading and writing skills dramatically!

No matter what textbook you’re using to learn Chinese, it requires a lot of practice. Here is a wealth of effective activities and drills—plus an hour of native speaker audio recordings—to help you learn the 288 basic Chinese characters quickly and effectively.

This book follows the Basic Mandarin Chinese—Reading & Writing textbook but works equally well with other coursebooks or on its own. The free disc contains audio recordings as well as printable PDF files providing hundreds of pages of extra exercises and activities and a set of 288 printable flash cards to help you learn the basic characters.

Basic Mandarin Chinese—Reading and Writing Practice Book includes a wealth of carefully-designed activities designed to improve every aspect of your reading and writing skills, including:
• Character writing practice sheets
• Dictation, fill-in-the-blank, and dialog completion exercises
• Answering questions, reading maps, converting written style to spoken style
• Identifying radicals and phonetics, punctuating sentences
• Writing tasks based on real-life schedules, photographs and name cards
• Translation exercises

The accompanying disc contains:
• Audio recordings by native Mandarin speakers
• Hundreds of printable practice pages
• A printable set of 288 Chinese flashcards