bridge to china

bridge to china
Author: Wu Xiaozhou
Publisher: Cognella Academic Publishing
Date: 2015
Format: PDF, DJVU
Size: 93.3MB
Language: English/Chinese

The BTC series has tried to integrate the principles of the “5Cs” (Communication, Cultures, Comparisons, Connections, and Communities) of the National Standards for Foreign Language Education. With its highly interesting and informative contents, it is characterized by strong emphasis on both oral communicative abilities and reading skills–the two most important purposes of learning a foreign language. The former enables students to communicate orally in the target language, whereas the latter empowers them to read and obtain information from written materials in the target language. Both the textbooks and workbooks of BTC contain topic-oriented, highly interactive oral activities, listening comprehension activities, and extensive, culturally informative readings. Using both the textbooks and the workbooks, students learn to express themselves with words and expressions used in real-life situations. Through fresh and interesting oral activities, and through the ample extensive reading materials, they can obtain the necessary cultural information that is most appealing to them. As a selective language course, beginning-level Chinese in North America has a very limited amount of teaching hours–usually about 4-5 hours per week. Total teaching hours in a typical, 30-week academic year are therefore only about 150 hours. Moreover, many students of Chinese take the course to fulfill a general education requirement, or the one-or-two- year foreign language requirement. Therefore, their interest in and motivation for learning the language are not as strong as those who take Chinese as a major.