Chinese for Today

Chinese for Today
Publisher: The Beijing Languages Institute
Date: 2005
Pages: 447
Format: PDF, MP3
Size: 218.53MB
Language: English/Chinese

If ever there is a Titanium standard for learning Chinese then this is world champion.
“I would urge anyone who wants to learn Modern Chinese to fluency to BUY THIS BOOK NOW. There are a total of 447 pages with copious exercises to develop your fluency in reading writing and speaking Chinese. The ultimate accolade for any language book is for the student to be understood in the target language and this will do just that and more and the best is that you enjoy learning so much that you don’t even KNOW your learning the language!. Forget all the old tales that you can’t learn the language or that you can’t learn the writing as using this book will show you that is total fantasy. There are 4 CD’s to accompany the first book and all are in the Chinese language by Native Chinese people. You will not get American speakers as is often the case with other language. From Lesson Two you will hear the language spoken at real speed to get your ear trained to the real time spoken word. 35 graded lessons each adding to the last will develop you fluency to a very high standard. In closing this book and cd’s WILL make you a very very good speaker of Chinese.