Crash Course Chinese

Crash Course Chinese
Author: Celine Li
Publisher: Polyglot Language Guides
ISBN: 1511894571
Date: 2015
Pages: 100
Format: EPUB
Size: 0.2MB


What’s the fastest way to learn a new language?

The answer is more simple than you think. In nearly every language, 80% of what’s spoken daily derives from 20% of the entire language. What does that mean for you? Picking up a new language does not require a laborious study of grammar formulas and verb conjugations. Instead, if you just focus on the right parts of the language – the absolute essentials – you WILL be able to communicate in a new language WITHIN DAYS. This book helps you achieve just that.

This Chinese language guidebook supplies you with ALL THE ESSENTIAL spoken Chinese language you need in daily conversations and on trips abroad.

This book is written by a NATIVE CHINESE SPEAKER who has lived in Beijing, China and taught Mandarin Chinese to English speakers. In addition to language instruction, this book takes a step further to distinguish between “local talk” from mere dictionary words.

For those of you taking the HSK exams, this book is a great supplement to help you study from HSK Level 1 to HSK Level 3.

A Preview of What You’ll Learn Here:

– Comprehensive Pronunciation Guide
– A Grammar Foundation
– Essential Survival Phrases
○ Greetings
○ What to Say During Emergencies
○ Asking for Directions
○ On the Taxi
○ Asking for Necessities
○ Talking About Different People
○ Most Common Adjectives, Verbs, and Places
– Talk about Numbers, Time, and Day
– Phrases for Specific Situations
○ Getting to Know Someone
○ Eating Out
○ Shopping and Bargaining
○ Money and Currency
○ At the Bar
○ BONUS: Romantic Endeavors
– Guide to the Most Useful Chinese Characters to Recognize During Your Travels