Graded Chinese reader 3

Graded Chinese reader 3
Publisher: Sinolingua
ISBN: 978-7-80200-415-3
Date: 2009
Pages: 159
Format: PDF, MP3
Size: 300MB

Graded Chinese Reader is a Chinese language reader that contains abridged versions of short stories and novellas written by contemporary Chinese writers. Vol. 1 is limited to about 2,000 Chinese words (based on the 1,033 words of level A in the HSK) and Vol. 2 is limited to 3,000 words (based on the 2,018 words of level B in the HSK). The newly published Vol. 3 is for students of elementary level, containing about 1000 Chinese words. Each book features concise and short sentences as well as commonly used words for easy reading. Pinyin is added to the full text, English notes or sample sentences for difficult words and sentences are also provided. The book has an English summary at the beginning of the story and an author biography and questions on reading comprehension at the end. An accompanying CD reads each story for the reader. — Stories in Vol. 3: 1. Who Lives a Better Life by Zhang Jie; 2. Chen Huansheng Goes to the City by Gao Xiaosheng; 3. The Night Capriccio by Chen Zhongshi; 4. The Snow Curtain by Chi Zijian; 5. A Short History of Urban and Rural Areas by Fan Xiaoqing; 6. Rain of the Hometown by Cheng Shuzhen.