Intermediate Spoken Chinese – A Practical Approach to Fluency in Spoken Mandarin

Intermediate Spoken Chinese – A Practical Approach to Fluency in Spoken Mandarin
Author: Cornelius C. Kubler
Publisher: Tuttle
ISBN: 0804840180
Date: 2013
Pages: 384
Format: EPUB, MP3, MP4
Size: 6.37GB
Level: Intermediate

Welcome to the world’s most effective method of learning Mandarin!

This widely-acclaimed series continues to impress and inspire learners whether they’re studying Chinese on their own, or in a classroom setting. Intermediate Spoken Chinese and the corresponding Practice Essentials allow you to experience real-life situations in different Mandarin-speaking locales. Each of the common situations explored here—from shopping at a market to playing unexpected phone tag—is one you’re most likely to encounter as you interact with Mandarin Chinese speakers. An accompanying MP3 audio–CD and software DVD reinforce listening comprehension and correct pronunciation.

The breakthrough foundation of these books is that you don’t need to know the characters in order to speak and understand Chinese. This series provides separate “tracks” to help you master the skills of speaking and writing Chinese at your own pace. Some learners wish to learn reading and writing as well as speaking, while others focus on developing their knowledge of spoken Chinese first, and then learn the characters. Both approaches are perfectly valid ways to learn Chinese, and the one you adopt will depend on your personal goals and the amount of time you have for weekly study. This series allows you total flexibility in this regard.

Additional key features of Intermediate Spoken Chinese:
• Clear and detailed explanations of natural, colloquial Chinese pronunciation, grammar and usage.
• Recommended strategies to help you learn to speak Chinese more efficiently.
• Notes on Chinese culture and society allow you to understand situational etiquette.
• Discussions of challenges faced by English speakers who are learning Chinese and how to overcome them.
• A digital Instructors Guide is available gratis from the publisher.
• A digital Chinese Character Transcription (simplified and traditional characters)

Note: the audio and video is also downloadable from the accompaining website.