Startup Business Chinese

Startup Business Chinese
Author: Jane C. M. Kuo
Publisher: Cheng & Tsui
ISBN: 0887274749
Date: September 6, 2006
Pages: 197, 234, 177
Format: PDF, MP3
Size: 1.41GB
Quality: Excellent
Language: Chinese, English

Level 1: This first level of a projected three-level series is geared to those who are learning Chinese specifically to do business in China. The dialogues, grammar, and vocabulary are designed for beginners, but with an added emphasis on business communication: negotiating, socializing, establishing and maintaining good relationships. Extensive notes help with navigating cultural differences in business or daily life. Over 600 vocabulary words in Level 1 prepare learners to handle basic daily corporate interactions.

Level 2: Picking up where Level 1 leaves off, Startup Business Chinese Level 2 is the perfect text for business students, post-college language students as well as those participating in professional programs or language training in corporate programs.
Designed for learners with the equivalent of one year of Chinese study, the course emphasizes communicating in a business environment, tailoring grammar and sentence pattern coverage, vocabulary, and cultural topics to that end. Level 2 includes twelve lessons, featuring objectives, dialogues, vocabulary lists, grammar exercises, and cultural points. Appendixes provide English translations of all dialogues, supplementary listening comprehension dialogues, a chart of Chinese business titles, and a master index of vocabulary for the series.

level 3: Startup Business Chinese Level 3 builds on the basic daily Chinese communication skills taught in Levels 1 and 2 to prepare students for successful communication in a wide range of professional and social interactions. Designed for students who have studied at least one year of Chinese, Level 3 introduces intermediate-level vocabulary and grammar structures while seamlessly incorporating essential cultural background and social courtesies. Perfect for adult learners of Chinese or business professionals relocating to China, Startup Business Chinese Level 3 builds a solid grammar foundation at the same time it explores business life abroad.

In this post: book 1: pdf, audio textbook, audio workbook.

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