The Syntax of Chinese

The Syntax of Chinese
Author: C.-T. James Huang, Y.-H. Audrey Li, Yafei Li
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 052159958X, 0521590582
Date: 2009
Pages: 404
Format: PDF
Size: 1.4MB

The past quarter of a century has seen a surge in Chinese syntactic research that has produced a sizeable literature on the analysis of almost every construction in Mandarin Chinese. This guide to Chinese syntax analyses the majority of constructions in Chinese that have featured in theoretical linguistics in the past 25 years, using the authors’ own analyses as well as existing or potential alternative treatments. A broad variety of topics are covered, including categories, argument structure, passives and anaphora.

The discussion of each topic sums up the key research results and provides new points of departure for further research. This book will be invaluable both to students wanting to know more about the grammar of Chinese, and graduate students and theoretical linguists interested in the universal principles that underlie human languages.