Hugo – Danish in Three Months

Hugo – Danish in Three Months
Author: Knud Ravnkilde
Publisher: DK
ISBN: 0852853351
Date: 1998, 1978
Pages: 239, 160
Format: PDF, MP3 (from cassettes)
Size: 245MB

You will find 2 editions in this post:

2nd Revised and expanded edition. (pdf+audio)
This language textbook is designed to give the reader a working knowledge of Danish within three months. It explains essential grammar in a simple and practical way and provides short exercises and conversational drills to put it into context.

1st edition: (pdf)
This is the first generation of HUGO’s THREE MONTHS, more focused on grammar and translation exercises (from L2 to English). A serious study of these books may give a good foundation and working knowledge of foreign languages.