Intermediate Dutch : A Grammar and Workbook

Intermediate Dutch : A Grammar and Workbook
Author: Jenneke A. Oosterhoff
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 0415774446, 0415485657
Date: 2009
Pages: 224
Format: PDF
Size: 1MB

Intermediate Dutch is designed for learners who have achieved a basic proficiency and wish to refine their knowledge of grammatical structures.

This Workbook, along with its companion volume Basic Dutch, provides clear and concise summaries of the essential points of Dutch grammar as well as opportunities to practice using the structures of the language. Building on the lessons of Basic Dutch, each of the twenty-four units presents a grammatical topic with an introduction and overview, followed by contextualized exercises to reinforce learning.

Features include:

a clear accessible format
many useful language examples
abundant exercises with a full answer key
frequent references to English grammar
an appendix on irregular verbs
an index of grammatical keywords.
Suitable for independent learners and students on taught courses, Intermediate Dutch, together with its sister volume Basic Dutch, forms a structured course in the essentials of Dutch grammar.