Active Skills for Reading

Active Skills for Reading
Author: Anderson Neil J.
Publisher: Heinle Cengage Learning
Date: 2013, 3rd ed.
Format: PDF, MP3
Size: 585MB

ACTIVE Skills for Reading is an exciting five-level reading series that develops learners’ reading comprehension and vocabulary skills. Written by reading specialist Neil J. Anderson, the new edition of this best-selling series uses an ACTIVE approach to help learners become more confident, independent—and active-readers. ACTIVE Reading A = Activate Prior Knowledge C = Cultivate Vocabulary T = Think About Meaning I = Increase Reading Fluency V = Verify Strategies E = Evaluate Progress
New thematic readings feature realistic passage types including articles, journals, blogs, and interviews.
New Critical Thinking sections encourage students to analyze text and the author’s intent.
New Review Units help students improve reading rate and fluency.
Updated website includes online quizzes and Internet research activities.
Updated Assessment CD-ROM with ExamView Pro covers TOEFL and IELTS task types.

All 5 levels in this post. All levels with PDF, MP3. Intro level also with TB.