An Introduction to the Grammar of English

An Introduction to the Grammar of English
Author: Elly van Gelderen
Publisher: John Benjamins Publishing Company
ISBN: 9027232709, 902721168X
Date: 2010
Pages: 232
Format: PDF
Size: 3.8MB

It has been eight years since “An Introduction to the Grammar of English” was first published. The second edition is completely revised and greatly expanded, especially where texts, example sentences, exercises, and cartoons are concerned. It continues to provide a very lively and clearly written textbook. The book introduces basic concepts of grammar in a format which inspires the reader to use linguistic arguments. The style of the book is engaging and examples from poetry, jokes, and puns illustrate grammatical concepts.

The focus is on syntactic analysis and evidence. However, special topic sections contribute sociolinguistic and historical reasons behind prescriptive rules such as the bans on split infinitives, dangling participles, and preposition stranding. The book is written for undergraduate students and structured for a semester-long course.