Author: Rudolph F. Verderber, Deanna D. Sellnow, Kathleen S. Verderber
Publisher: Wadsworth Cengage Learning
ISBN: 0495901725
Date: 2010, 13th edition
Pages: 464
Format: PDF
Size: 13.1MB

Continually praised by reviewers for its clear and concise writing style, this ground breaking and market-leading fundamentals of communication text focuses students on skill building and competency orientation.

The authors provide lively contemporary examples to ground theory, to increase comprehension, and to help students become skillful communicators. Communicate! International Edition encourages active learning through well-designed skill-building activities, video scenarios, ethics cases, speech action-step exercises, and sample speeches. With co-author Deanna Sellnow joining the author team, the Thirteenth Edition of Communicate! incorporates important theoretical updates in the field and reflects issues and interests of today’s college students.

This textbook is a comprehensive look at human communication with an emphasis on public address. It is the perfect tool if you are teaching a basic hybrid speech communication class.