English Grammar : The Basics

English Grammar : The Basics
Author: McCarthy Michael
Publisher: Routledge
Date: 2021
Pages: 227
Format: PDF, EPUB
Size: 7.38MB

English Grammar: The Basics offers a clear, non-jargonistic introduction to English grammar and its place in society. Rather than taking a prescriptive approach, this book helps the reader become aware of the social implications of choices they make to use standard or non-standard (regional/dialect) forms. Readers will consider: what grammar is and how it fits into the structure of language; how grammar functions in the school curriculum, the press, broadcasting and social media, as well as how these outlets reflect and reinforce our attitudes towards grammar; differences between speech and writing, as well as between formality and informality; major different approaches to theorising and describing grammar from important grammarians, including Noam Chomsky and Michael Halliday. Featuring a glossary of key terms and practical tips and insights from the author’s 50+ years of language teaching experience around the world, this book is for anyone who has ever found themselves questioning the rules’ of the English language.