Go Getter 2

Go Getter 2
Author: S. Zervas, C. Bright, J. Wildman, G. Fruen
Publisher: Pearson / BBC
Date: 2017
Pages: 112, 184, 96, 95
Format: PDF, MP3, FLV
Size: 2.09GB

Help 21st century learners achieve their language goals with GoGetter, a new multi-level English course. Sure to stimulate imagination and encourage curiosity, the series will delight young teens with an innovative blend of multimedia material including video stories, authentic BBC content and quirky grammar animations.

Get talking!
Help students develop their natural use of English through real-life video stories and dialogues. Improve accuracy with clearly presented structures, animated grammar presentations and robust grammar practice.

Get motivated!
Entertain your students with amusing cartoons and interactive cliff-hanger video stories. Engage mixed level and mixed ability classes with a wealth of fun activities like puzzles, games, songs and more! Promote their curiosity in the English-speaking world with BBC culture videos.

Get ready!
Prepare your students for long-term success and help them get great results in a variety of exams using integrated exam practice activities. Get the best from your students with GoGetter!

In this post: SB, class audio, TB, photocopiables, testbook + audio.

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