Grammar In Context Basic

Grammar In Context Basic
Author: Sandra N. Elbaum
Publisher: National Geographic, Cengage Learning
Date: 2021, 7th ed.
Pages: 340, 130
Format: PDF, MP3
Size: 250MB

Grammar in Context Seventh Edition, brings grammar alive through engaging readings that contextualize grammar for more meaningful practice. National Geographic photography and stories deliver real-world content to improve grammar awareness and retention. Students learn more, remember more, and use language more effectively when they learn grammar in context. Personalize and Practice with high interest readings, questions, grammar usage notes, and games. Review key points and assess student’s progress. Apply grammar to writing through editing practice and a final writing task with target grammar. Engage students with the Online Workbook which offers variety of interactive grammar activities for digital homework or flexible independent study.

– New and Updated Readings introduce the target grammar in context and provide the springboard for explanations and practice.
– NEW ‘Think About It’ questions give students the opportunity to personalize and think critically about what they are reading.
– NEW ‘Grammar in Use’ notes highlight practical usage points to help students communicate more effectively.
– NEW ‘Fun with Grammar’ activities keep the classroom lively and give students another chance to practice the grammar.
– NEW listening comprehension activities encourage students to listen for meaning through natural spoken English.
– NEW ‘Writing Tips’ further connect the grammar to the writing task.

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