Great Expectations

Great Expectations
Author: Charles Dickens
Publisher: Penguin Readers
Date: 2008
Pages: 119
Format: PDF, MP3
Size: 207.3MB

I Am Told to Steal.
I Rob Mrs Joe.
The Two Men on the Marshes.
Mr Pumblechook Tastes Tar Water.
The Convicts Are Chased.
I Am to Go and Play at Miss Havisham’s.
I Visit Miss Havisham and Meet Estella.
I Try to Be Uncommon.
I Fight with a Pale Young Gentleman.
Joe at Miss Havisham’s.
Old Orlick.
I Tell Biddy My Secrets.
I Have Great Expectations.
In London with the Pockets.
Joe Comes to Barnard’s Inn.
Estella Has No Heart.
I Open My Heart to Herbert.
I Take Estella to Richmond.
We Fall into Debt.
I Come of Age.
Estella and Miss Havisham Opposed.
My Strange Visitor.
Provis and Compeyson.
Miss Havisham’s Revenge.
A Satisfactory Arrangement for Provis.
Estella s Mother.
I Learn More of Provis’s History.
I Am Trapped.
Our Plan of Escape and How it Failed.
Death of Provis.
The Best of Friends.
For Estella’s Sake.
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