Hot English Magazine – January 2016

Hot English Magazine – January 2016
Date: 2016
Pages: 52
Format: PDF, MP3
Size: 69.6MB

The latest issue of Hot English (164 – the January issue) is out now! Learn over 300 useful words and expressions and improve your listening skills with Learn Hot English! This month: Learn 45 irregular past simple verbs – learn how to use and pronounce them. Plus, how to tell the time, how to leave a message over the phone, 12 useful words and expressions related to skiing, 10 useful words and expressions for talking about music and bands, expressions to describe the act of “stopping”, 8 useful idioms, 8 useful phrasal verbs… plus:
• Culture – traditional English songs.
• History – the Indian Mutiny.
• Business – how work stress can kill.
• TV – Sex and the City.
• Archaeology – four amazing discoveries.
• Movie characters – Indiana Jones
• Socialising – bar conversations.
• Music – Dolly Parton’s Dollywood.
• Grammar – future passives with be + going to.
• Anniversaries – what happened in January?
• Games – do a crossword on music and groups.
• Cinema – controversial war films.
• Recipe – how to make apple crisp.
• Politics – all about “sleaze”.
By reading and listening to all this great content, you’ll improve your English reading and listening skills and learn up to 300 useful words or expressions. Plus, you’ll get a better job and pass English-language exams more easily. Guaranteed!