How English Works : A Linguistic Introduction

How English Works : A Linguistic Introduction
Author: Anne Curzan , Michael P. Adams
Publisher: Longman
ISBN: 978-0-205-03228-0
Date: 2012, 3rd edition
Pages: 544
Format: PDF
Size: 7.98MB

A major introductory language/linguistics textbook written specifically for English and Education majors, this book is an engaging introduction to the structure of English, general theories in linguistics, and important issues in sociolinguistics.
This accessible text provides more extensive coverage of issues of particular interest to English and Education majors. Tapping into our natural curiosity about language, it invites all students to connect academic linguistics to everyday use of the English language and to become active participants in the construction of linguistic knowledge.
New to This Edition:
New and updated material on electronically-mediated communication such as texting and the etiquette of instant messaging.
A major new section on literature and linguistics with tools for reading and analyzing literary works in relation to speech acts.
A new explanation of where (some) contractions, like I’ll, fit into English word formation4
An improved section on “what makes good writing.”