Author: Carla Leonard, Elizabeth Sharman
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Date: 2019
Pages: 313, 305, 42, 223
Format: PDF, MP3, MP4
Size: 3.94GB
Language: Italian/English

Oxford University Press is delighted to announce the launch of its new course, identity. This course was written specifically to respond to the needs of English teachers in Italy’s upper secondary schools: it is teen-centered and teacher-friendly. Note: only the glossar at the end of the books is italian/english so for using this method you do not need to understand Italian.

In this post: Identity A2toB1 (SB/WB, SB audio, WB audio, extra lessons audio, SB videos), Identity B1toB1+ (SB/WB, SB audio, WB audio, extra lessons audio, SB videos).

NEW: Identity B1 (SB/WB, SB audio, WB audio, videos, entry book, audio entry book, video entry book, extra lessons audio)

A2toB1 (SB WB audios)
A2toB1 (SB videos)
B1toB1+ (SB WB audios)
B1toB1+ (SB videos)