New Headway 5th

New Headway 5th
Author: Liz and John Soars
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Date: 2019
Format: PDF, MP3, MP4
Size: 8.54GB

New Headway English Course is a development of the highly successful multi-level Headway series.
The choice of activities and materials makes the learning of English stimulating and motivating for both adult and young adult learners. The course combines the best of traditional methods with more recent approaches to help students use English accurately and fluently, and provides a fully comprehensive language teaching series from beginner to advanced.
New Headway Beginner is a new full-length foundation course in basic English for absolute beginners,or for those who have learned a little English but lack confidence to build on it. It provides a solid introduction to the structure of the language, gradually building students’ understanding of basic grammar, equipping them with key vocabulary, and giving them skills to 1 with simple social situations.
New Headway Elementary can be used by both true and false beginners. It provides a foundation in the structure of the language, gradually building students` understanding of the basic grammar, vocabulary, and functions of English..
New Headway Pre-Intermediate provides a syllabus progression from elementary to upper-intermediate level. It takes a structured approach to grammar. Grammatical structures are introduced in context, with questions that encourage students to work out the rules for themselves. A “Grammar section” at the back of the student`s books provides a reference before, during or after the lesson. A vocabulary syllabus concentrates on three key areas: learning new words in lexical sets; acquiring good habits for learning vocabulary; and developing vocabulary “systems” such as sound and spelling relationships. Integrated skills work is an important feature of the course.
New Headway Intermediate – This new intermediate course provides approximately 120 hours of language learning. It fits neatly between Headway Pre-Intermediate, and Headway Upper-Intermediate, and together with Headway Elementary and Headway Advanced provides a comprehensive language teaching series for today’s classrooms.
New Headway Upper-Intermediate recognizes that learners at this level require a different approach to language learning. It moves away from examining language items in isolation, exploring grammatical areas in greater depth so that students begin to perceive the systems that underlie the language.
New Headway Advanced is The long-awaited, totally new edition of the Advanced level, providing a real challenge and stimulus for Advanced learners. – Building on the original Headway Advanced grammar syllabus, challenging language work really stretches advanced learners.

In this post: Beginner (SB, WB, TG, wordlist, language portfolio, class audio, video), Elementary (SB, WB, TG, class audio, video, culture and literature companion), Pre-Intermediate (SB, WB, TG, class audio, video, culture and literature companion), Intermediate (SB, WB, TG, class audio, video, culture and literature companion, CILL worksheets), Upper-Intermediate (SB, WB, TG, class audio, WB audio, video, culture and literature companion, CILL worksheets, build up to digital gold), Advanced (SB, WB, TG, class audio, WB audio, video)

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