New Inspiration

New Inspiration
Author: Judy Garton-Sprenger and Philip Prowse
Publisher: Macmillan
Date: 2013
Format: PDF, WMA, MP3, DOCX
Size: 1.38GB

Macmillan New Inspiration aims to appeal to the modern teenager through imaginative and exciting topics, introduces up-to-date language and expression, increases confidence through learner independence activities, provides regular opportunities for revision and self-assessment and caters for different learning styles!
The Student’s Book interweaves a strong skills syllabus with motivating topics and activities. The progression of the course evolves with the students, reflecting their changing needs and interests.
The New Inspiration Workbook provides a wealth of extra material that works alongside the Student’s Book lessons and includes extensive grammar and vocabulary exercises with integrated skills activities. There are also extension exercises at the end of each language lesson and mixed-ability revision and extension exercises in each unit.
The New Inspiration Teacher’s Book features a practical approach to methodology with step-by-step lesson notes. There are stimulating ideas for warmers to start each lesson as well as optional activities through the lesson notes. There are follow-up activities at the end of each lesson and suggestions for homework. Useful culture information is provided to help answer student queries, along with downloadable songs with activities. The Teacher’s Books also include: All the Student’s Book dialogues, texts and pronunciation exercises are recorded and stored on the Class Audio CDss. Recorded items are indicated by a symbol in the Student’s Books and Teacher’s Books. The editable test CDs include 24 short tests on grammar and vocabulary, 8 medium-length tests on language and integrated skills for the whole unit, a placement test, mid-course tests and end-of-term tests. Each CD covers two levels.
New Inspiration Interactive Classroom can be used with an Interactive Whiteboard or digital projector and includes the Student’s Book in a digital format with integrated audio and answer key, interactive activities and cultural video clips

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