Optimise B1

Optimise B1
Author: Malcolm Mann, Steve Taylore-Knowles
Publisher: Macmillan
Date: 2017
Pages: 175, 176, 136
Format: PDF
Size: 146MB
Level: B1

The go-to course for exam preparation.
Optimise is the go-to exam preparation course for teenagers. It provides engaging lessons that equip students with essential skills and techniques to ensure their exam success. The course offers optimum support and guidance to teachers who work in a results-driven environment, whether they are experienced or new to exams-focused teaching.
Using a carefully staged approach, Optimise combines motivating, real-life topics with specific exam training, taking students from A2 to B2 Level. Written by exam experts Malcolm Mann and Steve Taylore-Knowles, the course builds strong foundations for success at A2 Key for Schools, B1 Preliminary for Schools or B2 First for Schools exams in their most up to date format.

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