Oxford English for Careers : Nursing 1

Oxford English for Careers : Nursing 1
Author: Grice Tony, Meehan Antoniette
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0194569772
Date: 2009
Pages: 136, 106
Format: PDF, DJVU, MP3
Size: 72.3MB

A new, up-to-date course where students learn what they need to know for a career in commerce, tourism, nursing, medicine, or technology.
About the Author: Tony Grice works for the European Unions Leonardo da Vinci programme as an assessor, teaching materials writer, and plain language editor. He has worked on coursebooks for English for Fashion Design, Industrial Design, E-Commerce, and Telecommunications, as well as editing online technical dictionaries and writing for science magazines.
His teaching experience includes teaching medical English to nurses in Zimbabwe and Turkey. He is a first-time author with Oxford University Press. Previous EFL publications include Everyday English for Nursing (Bailliere Tindall).

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