Oxford Metro

Oxford Metro
Author: Nicholas Tims and James Styring
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Date: 2017
Format: PDF, MP3, MP4
Size: 2.08GB
Level: A1-B1

An exciting new secondary course that reflects the lives of teenagers today and takes students on the next step of their learning journey to become confident, independent learners.

  • Language Level: A1 – B1

Experience a fresh combination of reliable methodology and fun new features with Metro, Oxford University Press’s brand new secondary course.

Created to reflect the lives of teenagers today, the course not only covers quirky and engaging topics that will spark students’ interest, it also takes into account the ways in which today’s teens learn about the world around them, from watching YouTube videos to messaging their friends.

The course’s methodology provides just the right balance between support and challenge. The structure and skills practice that Metro provides means students can succeed in English, but there are also features which enable students to challenge themselves to become more confident and independent learners.

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Metro starter: SB-WB, TB, audio / Metro 1: SB-WB, audio, video / Metro 2: SB-WB, audio, video / Metro 3: SB-WB, audio, video /

NEW: starter (video, worksheets, teacher’s guide), metro 1 (teacher’s guide, teacher’s book), metro 2 (teacher’s guide, teacher’s book), metro 3 (teacher’s guide)

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