Phases 2

Phases 2
Author: Morris Daniel
Publisher: Macmillan
Date: 2018, 2nd ed.
Pages: 128, 89
Format: PDF
Size: 217.4MB

Ideal for: Secondary schools and teachers who need stimulating material for secondary teaching with a solid and motivating approach to learning
Phases is a four-level course starting from a false beginner level, which contains a wealth of material genuinely interesting to teenagers.
Phases reflects the wide range of different linguistic capabilities of students starting their secondary education, as well as their varied levels of experience and cultural awareness.
Phases aims to encourage students to learn about the world around them. Texts and situations are based on real contexts with specific cultural references.
Key Features
The units in the Student’s Book guarantee extensive practice in both written and oral contexts
Each Student’s Book includes material for extensive reading as well as extra communicative activities
An ‘Editing your Work’ section allows students to develop mistake awareness
Step-by-step projects foster collaborative work as well as students’ development of their presentation skills
A language reference provides activities for autonomous study and reinforcement of grammar structures
A generator wheel (in Levels 1 & 2) and a writing generator (in Levels 3 & 4) allow students to develop their sentence building and creative writing skills through fun activities
The Workbook brings a free Audio CD and four extra practice worksheets
2 levels ( B · I ) for 3-5 hours

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