Practice Makes Perfect : Exploring Vocabulary

Practice Makes Perfect : Exploring Vocabulary
Author: Robert Muschla Gary
Publisher: McGraw Hill
ISBN: 978-0-07-177756-8
Date: 2012
Pages: 325
Format: PDF
Size: 3MB

Words are the foundation of reading, speaking, and writing. It is through words that we share
ideas and learn new things. Your understanding and use of words—your vocabulary—relate directly to learning. Students who have rich vocabularies usually do better in school than students whose vocabularies are poor.
The lessons in this book provide more than 450 words that are found in fourth- and fifth-grade curriculums. The definitions of these words include more words that can expand your vocabulary even further. Many of the words throughout this book appear on standardized tests.
Practice Makes Perfect: Exploring Vocabulary can be a helpful resource for learning the meanings and uses of words. It can be used by both students and teachers. Students (working alone or with their parents) can complete the lessons, while teachers will find the materials of the book useful for classroom instruction.
Having a broad vocabulary is a key to being successful in school and beyond. It is my hope that this book will make your study of vocabulary an enjoyable experience.