Practice Tests For IELTS 2

Practice Tests For IELTS 2
Publisher: Collins
Date: 2015
Pages: 192
Format: PDF, MP3
Size: 169MB

Prepare yourself thoroughly for the IELTS exam.
By using Practice Tests for IELTS, you will:
• Feel completely confident about how the IELTS exam works.
• Know what to expect on the day of the exam.
• Improve your score through realistic practice.
All you need for your ideal IELTS score:
Four complete Academic IELTS tests.
PLUS Two complete General Reading and Writing papers.
A clear guide to how the IELTS exam works.
A whole section full of useful tips on how to do well in the exam.
A CD ( transcript) with accurate model Speaking and Listening papers.
Answers and explanations for all four papers (including model answers for Speaking and Writing).