Technical Communication

Technical Communication
Author: Lannon John M., Gurak Laura J.
Publisher: Pearson
ISBN: 978-1-292-36359-2
Date: 2021, 15th ed.
Pages: 735
Format: PDF
Size: 50.1MB

Today’s workplace requires writing emails, memos, letters, and informalreports, as well as more complex communications such as formal reports,proposals, web pages, and presentations. Technical Communication, 15th Edition guides students to write persuasively, effectively, and withperspective on technological innovations and global communications. Lannon and Gurak incorporate the interpersonal, logical, ethical,and cultural demands of different forms of workplace communications, andencourage the development of skills students will need to navigate theseconsiderations. Building on research and writing skills, the authors preparestudents for technical writing in any field. The 15th Edition incorporatesthe latest innovations in workplace communication and today’s technologicallysophisticated, diverse, and global workforce, while retaining and expandingupon the features that have made it a best-seller in technical communication.