The Turn of the Screw

The Turn of the Screw
Author: Henry James
Publisher: Black Cat Cideb
Publication date: 2004
Number of pages: 128
Format / Quality: PDF, DJVU, MP3
level: Pre-Elementary
Size: 57.8MB

Most of Henry James’s fiction is realistic, but, in The Turn of the Screw, he uses his brilliant powers of observation to write a strange and disturbing ghost story. A young woman goes to work as a governess in a large country house. She must take full responsibility for two children — Miles and Flora — whose parents have died and whose uncle and guardian lives in London. In this lonely situation, the governess starts to see the ghosts of the former governess and a manservant, both of whom died in mysterious circumstances . . .
Accessible adaptation at pre-intermediate level.
Wide range of activities on the four skills.
FCE-style activities.
Trinity-style activities (Grades 6 -7).
Dossiers on Governesses and upper-class children and Puritanism.
Internet Project.
Exit test.
Story recorded in full.

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