Arctic Languages: An Awakening

Arctic Languages: An Awakening
Author: Collis, Dermid R. F., Ed.
Publisher: Unesco
ISBN: 978-9231026614
Date: 1990
Pages: 458
Format: PDF
Size: 2.16MB

This work is a study of Arctic languages written in an interdisciplinary manner. Part of the Unesco Arctic project aimed at safeguarding the linguistic heritage of Arctic peoples, the book is the outcome of three Unesco meetings at which conceptual approaches to and practical plans for the study of Arctic cultures and languages were worked out. Languages covered are: (1) those of the Soviet North (Siberia), including a short references guide to the Northern languages; (2) native languages of North America and Greenland; and (3) the Sami language in the northern countries. Articles include the following: “Ethnic Groups of the Soviet North: A General Historical and Ethnographical Description”; “Socio-economic and Cultural Development of the Peoples of the Soviet North”; “Languages of the Soviet Northern Peoples”; “Contemporary Studies of the Eskimo-Aleut Languages and Dialects: A Progress Report”; “Social Functions of the Soviet Northern Peoples’ Languages”; “Use of the Northern Languages in the Mass Media”; “Mother Tongues in School”; “The Language of the Alaskan Inuit”; “Culture and Change for Inupiat and Yupiks of Alaska”; “The Aleut Language of Alaska”; “The Canadian Inuit and their Language”; “The Greenlanders and their Language: Introductory Remarks”; “The Greenlandic Language: Its Nature and Situation”; “Basic Structure and Processes in West Greenlandic”; “Greenlandic in Schools”; “Debate and Linguistic Usage in Connection with Double Place-Names in Greenland”; “Greenlandic Literature”; “A Greenlandic Tale: Alummioq, the Man from Aluk”; “Language Policy and Planning under the Home Rule Administration”; “The Finnish Perspective: Language and Ethnicity”; “Situation of the Sami Language in Sweden”; “The Sami Language in Norway”; and “The Sami Language: Past and Present.” (MSE)