From Start to Finnish (New Edition 2012)

From Start to Finnish (New Edition 2012)
Author: Leila White
ISBN: 978-951 -792-518-1
Date: 2012
Pages: 280
Format: Pdf + MP3
Size: Book 72 mb + CD1 62 mb + CD2 60 mb
Quality: Colour + Excellent
Language: English / Finnish

From Start to Finnish – A Short Course in Finnish is practical, fun and easy to read.
Instead of covering all aspects of Finnish language, From Start to Finnish will serve as a handy survival kit for everyday situations, such as asking questions and responding to them, exchanging small talk face-to-face with real Finns, being polite – or less polite if need be. It will also give you an overall picture of the structure of Finnish, a language which is certainly different from many others you may have studied so far – but not difficult, as you are about to find out! The audio material contains the dialogues, texts and some exercises of the textbook From Start to