Allons en France 2

Allons en France 2
Author: Lennart Reichenbach
Publisher: Gill & Macmillan
ISBN: 978-0717135141
Date: 2003, 2nd ed.
Pages: 427
Format: PDF
Size: 77.5MB
Language: English/French

Book 2 continues the same logical progression through the course and prepares both Ordinary and Higher Level students thoroughly for the exam.
Adopts an integrated approach to all four language skills.
Provides continuous revision and frequent opportunities to recycle language, plus lots of listening and comprehension tests up to Higher Level exam standard.
Includes grammar reference and practice.
Encourages an awareness of how the language works in a clear and simple way while offering a wealth of information about France and the French.
Reflects an awareness of the lives of young people in France today.
New teacher tapes and tapescript available separately.