English Grammar for Students of French

English Grammar for Students of French
Author: Morton Jacqueline
Publisher: The Olivia and Hill Press
ISBN: 0-934034-18-4
Date: 1993
Pages: 191
Format: PDF
Size: 9.65MB
Language: English/French

English Grammar for Students of French explains the grammatical terms that are in your French textbook and shows you how they relate to English grammar. Once you have understood the terms and concepts in your own language, it will be easier for you to understand your textbook. With simple explanations and numerous examples this handbook compares English and French grammar, pointing out the similarities and differences.
Most teachers incorporate English Grammar into the class syllabus so you will know which pages to read before doing an assignment in your French textbook. If you are selecting the pages yourself, check the detailed index for the terms and concepts you will need to understand for your assignment. When you finish a chapter in the handbook, you can test your comprehension by doing the short Reviews and checking your answers against the Answer Key.