Frenchify Yourself in less than an hour

Frenchify Yourself in less than an hour
Publisher: Udemy
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Would you like to speak French like a native? Do you want to be more comfortable speaking French and to avoid fear and paralysis ? Would you like to understand more dialogues in movies or in casual situations ?
That’s exactly what you’ll learn in this course
If you:

are currently a student of French
are afraid or not confident to talk and are often stuck during conversation
don’t understand when people talk in the streets
want to sound like a native
want to learn real French language
This course will help you.
In this unique course, we get rid of our grammar books and focus on real French language.
In just one hour, you will be able to:
– Improve your understanding by learning how sentences are actually pronounced
– Learn expressions that will help you overcome paralysis and fear
– Learn expressions you will never study at school
– Sound more natural and increase your fluency