Mot à Mot : French Vocabulary for AQA A-level

Mot à Mot : French Vocabulary for AQA A-level
Author: Paul Humberstone, Kirsty Thathapudi
Publisher: Hodder Education
ISBN: 9781510434806
Date: 2018, 6th ed.
Pages: 158, 89, 97
Format: PDF
Size: 9.1MB
Language: English/French

Essential vocabulary for AQA A-level French, all in one place.

– Supplement key resources such as course textbooks with all the vocab students need to know in one easy-to-navigate place, completed updated to match the latest specification
– Ensure extensive vocab coverage with topic-by-topic lists of key words and phrases, including a new section dedicated to film and literature
– Test students’ knowledge with end-of-topic activities designed to deepen their understanding of word patterns and relationships
– Develop effective strategies for learning new vocab and dealing with unfamiliar words

In this post: textbook, workbook 1, workbook 2.