Practising French Grammar 2nd edition

Practising French Grammar 2nd edition
Author: Roger Hawkins, Richard Towell, Marie-Noùlle Lamy
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 0340991259
Date: 2010
Pages: 280
Format: PDF
Size: 5MB

The new edition of Practising French Grammar offers a set of varied and accessible exercises for developing a deep practical awareness of French as it is spoken and written today.

It can be used alone or as the ideal companion to the new edition of the widely acclaimed French Grammar and Usage by Roger Hawkins and Richard Towell. The new edition benefits from the addition of a glossary of grammatical terms and a variety of new and updated exercises designed to stimulate even the most grammar-shy student. Lively, authentic texts and activities, as well as jokes and cartoons, help students to expand their vocabulary, and their ability to speak French.

Practising French Grammar provides summaries of key grammatical points at the beginning of each exercise, as well as model answers to the exercises and translations of difficult words making it ideal for use both in class and by independent learners.