Say It Right in French

Say It Right in French
Publisher: McGraw-Hill
Date: 2018, 3rd ed.
Pages: 192
Format: EPUB
Size: 20.9MB

Speak a new language with confidence with this accessible guide to correct pronunciation!
Fear of mispronunciation prevents many people from daring to speak a new language. Don’t let that fear hold you back! The Say It Right series makes mastering correct pronunciation easy. This accessible series uses easy-to-read vowel symbols that, when combined with consonants, make pronunciation simple—even if you have no previous experience with the language.
Say It Right in French, Third Edition features clear pronunciations for 500 key words and phrases in French. This updated edition also includes a new chapter filled with additional words and expressions you can use to talk about your hobbies and interests—from sports to opera to wine tasting—and connect with new French-speaking friends. There’s also a timely and helpful glossary of key social media terms for communicating about the latest digital trends.