Scottish Gaelic in Twelve Weeks

Scottish Gaelic in Twelve Weeks
Author: Maolalaigh Roibeard, MacAonghuis Iain
Publisher: Bilingual Ed.
ISBN: 978-1841586434
Date: 2008
Pages: 244
Format: PDF
Size: 148MB
Language: English/Scots Gaelic

“Scottish Gaelic in Twelve Weeks” has been written both as a self-tuition course for beginners and also for use within the classroom. You may want to learn Gaelic because of a general interest in Celtic or Scottish history and culture, or because it was the everyday language of your ancestors. The cynical observer may wonder if the exercise is worthwhile, when only one and a half per cent of Scotland’s population speak the language. However, Gaelic is far from dead; in some parts of the Highlands and Western Isles it is the everyday language, and it represents an important part of the United Kingdom’s cultural mix. There are Gaelic-learning classes in almost every area of Scotland. Each lesson in the book contains some essential points of grammar explained and illustrated, exercises, a list of new vocabulary (with a guide to pronunciation, in International Phonetics notation), and an item of conversation.