A Concise German Grammar

A Concise German Grammar
Author: Timothy Buck
Publisher: Oxford
ISBN: 0198700229
Date: 1999
Pages: 192
Format: PDF
Size: 22.7MB

A Concise German Grammar meets the dual requirements of comprehensiveness and concision (requirements which in the case of some published grammars seems to be mustually exclusive).. I think it achieves these aims admirably and I believe it is likely to be more helpful to students than the standard reference work, ‘Hammer’, which first-and second-year undergraduates often find unwieldy and difficult.. The author presents succint, readable explanations of all the key areas of grammar
A Concise German Grammar aims to equip undergraduates with a comprehensive yet compact account of German grammar. This book is clear and accessible and contains many lively examples of modern German usage. It is an essential and invaluable reference for students of German, from senior secondary school right through to the end of university studies and beyond.