Barron’s German Grammar

Barron’s German Grammar
Author: Paul G. Graves
Publisher: Barron’s
ISBN: 0812042964
Date: 1990
Pages: 209
Format: PDF
Size: 8.9MB

This book is intended as a handy reference guide for high school and college students as well as for businesspeople. It should also be useful for those who have had some German previously and want to “brush up their grammar. Nothing in the book has been taken for granted: every term, every structural problem is explained clearly, concisefy, and from scratch. Grammar, if it is to be the indispensable helpmate of language study, should be pre-sented in a friendly, nonthreatening way.

High school or college students need a grammar review to serve them as a condensed, yet comprehensive, supplement to their regular textbook. In this book they will find the concise definitions and easy-to-grasp explanations that they seek. Businesspeople, as well as others who want to reinforce their knowledge of German, should find this book a welcome tool.

For the orderly study of language, a minimum of grammar is essential. Learning a language without grammar is the way a chid does it – by parrotlike imitation. Few adults are comfortable going that route. Memorizing simple phrases might be barely sufficient for casual travelers who want to impress the natives with their smattering of German. In many instances, though, the natives, in response, will try out their English on the disappointed foreigner. Obviously, even a very short conversational exchange requires a minimal knowledge of grammar to structure a proper German sentence.

It is fortunate that the study of German offers no insuperable problems to the person whose native tongue is English. The two languages, after all, are closely related; many word forms and grammatical constructions can be easily identified.