Collins Concise German Dictionary

Collins Concise German Dictionary
Publisher: Collins
Date: 2014 (2007)
Pages: 5714
Format: MOBI, PDF (converted)
Size: 18.1MB
Language: German, English

This single-direction German to English dictionary allows you to look up German words instantly while reading on your Kindle*. Revised and updated to cover all the latest vocabulary, the sixth edition of Collins Concise German-English Dictionary is an ideal e-reading companion for intermediate to advanced learners. It draws on Collins’ unique multi-million word databases to ensure that you have the most complete and accurate picture of real language available today.

• Set this book as your Kindle’s default dictionary*, and you can look up words without interrupting your reading experience. Simply move the cursor in front of a German word, and a quick English translation will pop up on screen.

• For more detailed study needs, open the dictionary and type in a word to view the full range of translations and idiomatic expressions offered.

• Contains all the latest vocabulary from a wide range of fields, with special feature entries about life and culture in German-speaking countries.

• Includes more than 242,000 references and translations.

• Example sentences, usage information, and detailed translation notes ensure you select the right translation.

• The in-depth treatment of complex words and practical tips on spoken and written German make this dictionary the ideal tool for intermediate to advanced students.