Complete German Course – Intermediate

Complete German Course – Intermediate
Publisher: Udemy
Date: 2019
Format: PDF, MP4
Size: 5.92GB
Language: English/German
Level: Intermediate

What you’ll learn
  • The #1 German Course for Intermediate.
  • Reach your German language goals now and in the future, increasing your opportunities for both personal and professional success.
  • German vocabulary, German grammar rules (covering verbs, tenses, German syntax and many more), German pronunciation (thanks to the native German speaking teacher), famous Germans, a brief history of Germany, German dialects.
  • Speaking real, grammatically correct German fluently, effortlessly and confidently.
  • Improve your listening and comprehension skills with native German through ear training and visual learning thanks to the native German speaking teacher, interactive board and included .pdf materials.
  • Be confident regarding your German skills (B1 level, intermediate German) by lots of practice after every lesson.