Conversational German : In 20 Lessons (Cortina Method)

Conversational German : In 20 Lessons (Cortina Method)
Author: Eva C. Lange
Format: pdf
Pages: 384
Publisher: Cortina
Date: 1990
Language: English
ISBN: 0805014985
Size: 18mb

Step-by-step, these twenty lessons, with charming and helpful illustrations, will enable you, regardless of previous language training, to read, write and speak in German in the shortest possible time.
The Cortina Method has been time-tested and is the quick, easy and natural way to learn a language. It has received the approval of teachers, students, schools, colleges and business firms all over the world.
Guide To Pronunciation And Spelling
Explains how to pronounce the sounds, words and phases of the language through simple phonetic symbols based on English spelling. Rules of spelling are also explained.