German : How to Speak and Write it

German : How to Speak and Write it
Author: Joseph Rosenberg
Publisher: Dover
ISBN: 978-0486202716
Date: 1967
Pages: 388
Format: PDF
Size: 22.3MB
Language: English/German

This is probably the most delightful, useful and comprehensive elementary book available for learning spoken and written German, with or without a teacher. Working on the principle that a person learns more quickly by example than by rule, the author has put together a book that abounds in immediately usable German sentences and phrases on a wide variety of subjects.

The student will find pleasure in the amusing sketches and drawings used to imbed new vocabulary firmly in the student’s mind, in the many excellent photographs of cities and landmarks in German-speaking countries, and in the glimpses of German culture and custom subtly interwoven into the conversational material.